• Autumn 2016

    Dear Readers

    The Lipstick Effect

    There is a theory that in economically-challenged times the sale of luxury lipsticks goes up while sales of expensive coats goes down. Unable to afford larger treats, we shoppers seek out more affordable luxuries instead. All that summer fear about Brexit started many of us off on the trail of simpler luxuries; from indulgent lunches rather than evening dinners, a more discerning shop for quality and unique things instead.

    Buzzing little areas like Maltby Street, Bermondsey Street, Canada Water and Lower Marsh continue to succeed because the boutique cafes, shops and service providers in these places offer a personal product that feels like a real treat. For that reason we're continuing to shine a light into local niche market places, cultural hotspots and new ways to enjoy food and drink, beginning in this edition with the 'Lunch Hour'.

    Predicted to be the hottest summer ever, the recent heatwave has left some looking forward to a cooler September though personally I'm hoping for an 'Indian Summer' that holds back those the dark evenings for as long as possible.

    Angela Webb

    Angela Webb 2016